Who are we?

We are a small group of professionals from various industries that actively maintain book and film industry contact databases; using them to strategically connect writers to people who can advance projects to publication, production, or distribution.

Why do we exist?

The answer here is pretty simple… to accelerate writers’ process of getting noticed by publishers, agents, and film contacts.

What are we offering that is so compelling?

NudgeLine professionally presents writers’ stories and makes unique industry connections so that success can be achieved faster and with more impact.

And now to introduce ourselves….

Gini Graham Scott


As part of the writing team, Gini writes books, proposals, scripts, articles, blogs, website copy, press releases, and marketing materials in support of NudgeLine. She is also the owner of Ghostwriting Gurus at GhostWritingGurus.com

Andriana Mendez


Andriana Mendez has extensive experience writing for Marketing purposes and writing for sales. Her background also includes skills in Graphic Design, branding, and consulting in marketing campaigns for books, products, and services.

Jana Collins


Jana Collins is CEO and Head Publicist for Jones O’Malley Public Relations. She has worked for A-List celebrities and placed clients and in almost every nationally distributed publication, major television network and top-rated cable station.

Digital Innovation

Using the latest software and marketing programs, NudgeLine keeps up to the pace of contemporary marketing solutions.

Comprehensive Thinking

With the big picture in mind, we work from start to finish–and beyond–to develop a positioning that can get you noticed.

Personalized Service

With personalized communication, we are actual people responding to your requests with care and consideration.